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A clogged gutter poses more problems than most people expect. First, it damages the roof by leaving wet leaves and keeping the roof moist. Second, it houses pests like critters and mosquitoes. Third, it damages the fascia, which is the most important part of your gutter system. Fourth, it will over-water plants in the garden beds. Fifth, it may damage the house’s foundation. And the list goes on. Now, who says gutter cleaning is not needed?

So make cleaning of the gutter a part of your regular house maintenance. Hire professionals like us to make sure that the cleaning job is performed according to industry standards and efficiently. Of course, you definitely want to deal only with reliable service providers. CenTex Gutters is the most trusted gutter cleaning company in Central Texas. We have been offering professional gutter installation, repair and maintenance since 1985, so we are highly experienced in this field. If there’s one reputable company in Austin, TX, that’s definitely us.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

For some people, gutter cleaning is a simple job and won’t require the help of a professional. If you are also one of them, let us guess how you do the cleaning. Maybe, you use a ladder to climb up the roof to clean the gutters. Depending on what needs to be cleaned up, you may be using a water hose to remove the debris or get a vacuum to suck up all the dirt. Or maybe, you do it the traditional way with a spade and a scooper, or any similar tool. That’s how DIYers do it. Now here’s how a pro does it:

  • We use an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner that has an attachment as big as the gutter. The strong power can blast the clogs out in no time and without leaving any debris behind.
  • If necessary, we do power washing of the gutter in combination with vacuum cleaning. This way, grime and debris that is hard to get can be removed as well.
  • Patch up holes and suggest repairs if necessary.
  • Scrub the gutter sides to remove moss, algae, and black marks.
  • Pick up all the debris so we don’t just do the gutter cleaning and leave your outdoors a mess. It should be completely speck free.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment

To be efficient, your service provider should have the right gutter cleaning equipment. Here are some of the tools used by professionals for gutter cleaning:

  • Pressure washers
  • High-reach vacuum cleaner
  • Wet & dry gutter cleaner
  • Portable wireless camera
  • High-reach, no-ladder inspection system
  • Ladders and brushes
  • Pressure-washer lance

At CenTex Gutters, we have a team who are trained in the proper use of these tools. We also make sure that our men are updated on the latest cleaning methods and techniques. With a highly skilled and well-experienced team, you can surely expect a commendable result. These qualities are also the reasons why we are the preferred service providers in the Austin area.

Gutter Cleaning Rates

Our gutter cleaning rates vary and usually depend on the scope of the job. For large homes, our rate is a little bit higher because of the complex task involved. But we still have the best rates as compared to other service providers in Central Texas. We have no hidden fees, and we provide excellent service. Call us now to get our professional gutter cleaning service.


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